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Selling Your Used Imaging System: What Full Project Management Can Do for You

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When you sell your used medical imaging equipment to a buyer with project management capabilities, the process of the sale looks quite a bit different than it does when you sell to another imaging facility or to a buyer representing a smaller company. The biggest differences: communication is clearer, and the project is smoother and simpler.

To give you a better idea of why, we'll use our process below as an example of what the sale and removal of your used medical imaging equipment looks like when your buyer has a dedicated project management team.

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Our project management team works in cooperation with our internal engineering staff as well as our nationwide network of field engineers. Once an agreement has been reached, one of these engineers will be dispatched to your facility to conduct an inspection of the system to confirm functionality and overall condition.

A proper inspection by trained personnel gives everyone involved an advantage. The benefit to the buyer is obvious, but confirming functionality also protects you, the seller, by verifying that the equipment is in the condition advertised before it leaves your facility. If that condition changes, the inspection report is proof that those changes happened during the shipping process and not while the system was under your care.


After a successful inspection, our project managers coordinate with your site and our own mechanical field team to schedule a de-installation time that works for you. Our field team has all the specialty tools to deinstall the system safely and leave the vacant space tidy.

Removal and Transportation

Once our team has de-installed the system and packaged the components, our van line provider will  remove the system from the room and load it onto their truck, using floor protection as needed to prevent damage to your facility. Once it's out the door, your facility's involvement in the project is complete.

The Takeaway

We don't mean to say that other types of buyers can't also do a great job of taking your used system off your hands safely and efficiently. We do, however, mean to point out that a dedicated project management team, working and communicating alongside an experienced imaging equipment relocation team, is uniquely equipped to provide a more seamless experience, every time.

If you have equipment you hope to sell, and the prospect of simple and efficient removal sounds appealing, we'd love to talk with you about the project. Block Imaging buys, deinstalls, and relocates imaging systems around the world. Use the button below to start the conversation.