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RSNA 2015: Day Three Recap

Posted by Jordan Batterbee

Dec 1, 2015 11:35:50 PM

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RSNA2015_Day3.jpgDay three of RSNA 2015 brought some opportunities to talk with even more experts and providers about new technology. Our team also had a chance to learn much more about how radiologists can step "out of the dark room" and build better connections with their patients to improve care and put a face on the important work that they do.

Keep reading for a closer look at what we learned and what's emerging in the radiology field for the coming year:

More from the Floor

Today's travels around McCormick place turned up some C-arm improvements that can increase flexibility in the OR for docs and techs alike. You can see some images of what these are and how they can help in the clip below.

Members of our team also found their way into the conference rooms of McCormick Place to hear presentations on trending topics in the field. The conversation surrounding ACR's Imaging 3.0 program was among them and some simple steps to begin implementing it are highlighted in the clip as well. To learn more on the topic, you can follow presenters like Dr. James Rawson, of Georgia Regents University and Medical College of Georgia, and Dr. Geraldine McGinty, of Weill Cornell Imaging at New York Presbyterian. 

Social Media Basics for Radiologists

Day three also allowed us to continue in our series of interviews with the presenters that are bringing new ideas and strategies to the annual gathering. Today's interview was with Dr. C. Matthew Hawkins, of Emory University School of Medicine. Dr. Hawkins was one of several speakers conducting a workshop to show radiologists how to begin using social media to educate patients about radiology and to tell the story of radiologists and their work. You can see the full interview with Dr. Hawkins below or check out his ideas in action on his Twitter feed: @MattHawkinsMD.

The Takeaway

If you love RSNA for the technology, this year has been a showcase of new ways to improve on existing equipment. There are many more ways that newer technology is being leveraged to keep currently installed systems running longer, better, and more efficiently. Nowhere is this more true than in the C-arm and general X-ray modalities.

If your biggest RSNA attraction is movements in the field, we encourage you to turn to social media as a way to follow experts and leaders and stay informed about where things are heading. You can also check back with us the rest of the week for more interviews with RSNA presenters and take a quick look back at our recaps of day one and day two

As for us, we're heading back to the halls first thing in the morning to bring you more. For now, we'll sign off with...

The Picture of the Day

Garrett's caramel corn has become something of a signature treat for the Block Imaging Team at RSNA. Christmas came early for this blogger when I stumbled upon the entire secret stash. All I have to do now is find a way to fit all of it in my sport coat and make a casual exit.


Written by Jordan Batterbee

author of blog post

Jordan Batterbee is the SEO Copywriter at Block Imaging. He loves to research, write, and help others get clear, concise, and (hopefully) fun answers to their medical imaging questions.

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