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RSNA 2015: Day Four Recap

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RSNA_2015_Day_Four.jpgToday was the second to last day at RSNA for those of us in the exhibition halls. Education sessions on a variety of subspecialties and field-wide trends will continue through Friday, but if you have a booth, "hump day" came and went and only Thursday remains to meet with leaders and decision makers or to see emerging tech from top engineers and innovators.

With the close of the week in sight, our team kept up the frenetic pace of days one, two, and three to bring you another recap chock-full of things you missed if you didn't make it to RSNA 2015.


The Global Conversation

As in previous years, the international presence at RSNA has been strong. In our booth alone (just a microcosm of what's happening around the halls) conversations have been held in Spanish, Russian, Japanese, French, and Swahili. Our Account Executive for Latin America, Abraham Cohen had a chance to interview digital X-ray upgrade provider, Jose Rodriguez about improving the performance of X-ray equipment in Latin America, the US, and anywhere facilities are looking to update while managing capital costs. We also spoke with Executive Assistant to the President, Emily Jones about the atmosphere in the booth as our team welcomes doctors, department managers, and providers from all over the world.

Growing Your Business with Social Media

Dr. Alexander Towbin, MD, of Cincinnati Children's Hospital, sat down with our Blog Team to talk about his upcoming session and share some tips that can help build a more compelling online presence for radiologists and their practices. If you'll be in Chicago, you can attend the complete session on Friday from 8:30 - 10:00 am in room N229If not, you can follow the online efforts of Dr. Towbin's department with a quick search for their Twitter handle, @CincyKidsRad

The Takeaway

Collaboration among radiologists and radiology equipment providers has never been more available or more necessary than it is now. A challenge in one part of the world may very well be a strength in another. New techniques and strategies emerging in one area can help patients and practitioners across the world. Idea sharing on platforms like social media and in face-to-face forums like the annual RSNA gathering are powerful tools to facilitate this.

As exhibitors, sadly, tomorrow will be our final day at McCormick Place. We will, however, be sure to maximize those final hours and bring you some closing highlights to take into the new year. Right now, however, you can take this with you...

The Picture of the Day

Q: How many men does it take to fix a pinsetter?

A: Five! One to press the button frantically, and four to supervise.

Our President, Josh Block was joined by friends and partners from Japan for an evening round of bowling at Chicago's Lucky Strike. Let's hope the problem didn't cost anyone a "turkey".