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RSNA 2014: Day Five Recap

Posted by Jordan Batterbee

Dec 4, 2014 8:56:15 PM

:: 2 minute read ::

RSNA_2014_Day_FiveAlthough RSNA 2014 will continue with educational sessions tomorrow, today we close the doors of the exhibition halls and say goodbye to the hustling, bustling aisles until November 2015. It's been yet another fun and informative week learning what the collective efforts of our radiology colleagues have brought about in the last year and collaborating with them to build a shared vision for the next.

We'll leave all of you at your homes or offices with the top themes from our final day on the floor at McCormick Place.

The Future of Digital

All week long, our team has been bringing digital radiography and fluoroscopy systems and upgrades into the interactions we've had in the booth. Relative to the message he's been sharing, Block's Senior VP of Strategic Development, Dave McAndrews, said, "We've known for several years that the future of imaging is going to be completely digital, but we've had people holding out due to cost concerns."  

Dave went on to explain the changes in the digital imaging market with this analogy:

"We know that electric cars are better for the environment, but we don't all drive them. For many of us, they either cost too much or are not practical for the size of our families. To this point, digital detectors have been the medical imaging equivalent of a Tesla sports car. They're great for the earth if you can afford one, but the price and practicality are not there for the general masses. With more options emerging in the market over the last year, DR and dynamic flat panel digital [FPD] have finally joined the populist movement and are beginning to hit the type of price point that makes them less like a budget-busting Tesla and more like an attainable Chevy Volt. This is what's making the future of DR and FPD a present reality".

International Opportunities

With our resident product specialists for both Latin America and Eurasia in the booth this week, we had the chance to capture a taste of what Block Imaging has been doing internationally this year and what will be happening in the new year. Watch the clip below for more as we look ahead into 2015.

History and Optimism

As our team's veterans look back on Block Imaging's history at the RSNA's annual meetings, it's encouraging to see the growth that has happened in the space that we occupy for our customers and partners. Even more than that, we've enjoyed being able to see the ways the radiology field as a whole has grown in the quality of the care and service it provides for patients. 

Along with the aforementioned sense of history has come a sense of optimism for what will happen in radiology over the next year. As we make good on the plans laid this week, we hope to share with you all new opportunities, new technology, and a shared vision for what we can accomplish in the lives of people.

Pic of the Day

Our final Pic of the Day for RSNA 2014 is a shot of our company Presidents, Josh Block and Jason Crawford, deep in conversation over what is undoubtedly a matter of supreme importance, with a special photo bomb appearance by CT Product Specialist, David Harns.


As we wrap up the week's time at McCormick place, we bid all our customers, partners, and friends a fond farewell. We look forward to the coming months and working together to do what we do even better.

If you didn't get a chance to stop by our booth or to attend RSNA, you can always contact us with an email or a phone call to learn how we can work with you to choose excellent equipment and maximize its uptime with quality service and replacement parts. 

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Written by Jordan Batterbee

author of blog post

Jordan Batterbee is the SEO Copywriter at Block Imaging. He loves to research, write, and help others get clear, concise, and (hopefully) fun answers to their medical imaging questions.

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