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R/F Room Rentals: Benefits and Pricing

Posted by Tim Richard

Mar 24, 2014 1:00:00 PM

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RF_Room_Rental_PricingTo upgrade or not to upgrade, that is the question. Seeking capital approval for R/F rooms can be just plain difficult. With basement-level reimbursements, lifespan, and limited technological improvement over the past 15 years, spending $225,000 to upgrade can be a hard pill to swallow. BUT, the reality is, the R/F room is often necessary and quite versatile. As you prepare to make your capital requests, the following are several reasons why renting (and renting to own) an R/F system might be the best option for you and your facility.

Why an R/F Room Rental Might Be the Best Option

Eliminate Capital Approval

As you'll see in the table below, this structure allows for limited capital deployment, possible avoidance of the red tape of the capital approval process, and a more swift upgrade to your “aching” R/F system.


Use Service Dispatch Funds

In many scenarios, monthly equipment fees fall under the umbrella of a site's service budget.  If this is true of your site, a significant portion of the dollars associated with the R/F rental can be attributed to service and leave more money for other things in your capital budget.


Replace Your R/F Room Quickly and Easily

It's not uncommon for facilities to hold onto their R/F equipment for a very long time, and by "very long time" we mean: until it finally fails beyond repair. When that happens, the result is downtime, disrupted schedules, lost referrals, lost reimbursements, and inconvenienced patients. An R/F room rental allows for a quick and easy replacement to get your patients back on schedule.


Refurbished GE Legacy R/F Rental Pricing

  Months 1-12 Months 13-24 Months 25-36
Monthly Payment (+deposit*) $8,000 $4,000 $3,000

 *$16,000 deposit toward refurbishment and installation


The Takeaway 

Ultimately, an R/F room rental is ideally suited to a certain set of circumstances, from barium swallows to speech therapy. Maintaining this performance while preserving your capital budget, cutting through red tape, and minimizing equipment downtime are all benefits you might be able to reap with the rental of a refurbished R/F room

The Block Imaging team looks forward to discussing how we can best serve you as you consider renting your next R/F system.

 R/F Room Buyer's Guide

Written by Tim Richard

author of blog post

Topics: X-Ray, Imaging Equipment Rental

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