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RF Generator Reimbursements and ROI

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If you're considering the acquisition of a radiofrequency (RF) generator for your pain management practice, you've probably already wondered how much one will cost you. If you haven't found an answer yet, you can find one in our earlier blog, Radiofrequency Generator Price Cost Guide.

Once you know the cost of the equipment, you might also begin to wonder at what point it will pay for itself and begin to supplement your facility's bottom line. That's exactly what we'll cover below.

The Equation

Current reimbursement rates for RF generator ablation procedures range between $400 and $600. That range, alongside the current purchase price range of $22,000-$30,000 gives us all the variables we'll need to calculate the range of procedures your practice will need to perform to break even on your investment.

Some quick division shows us that the full possible range is 37-75 procedures but that the average RF user will break even around 50 procedures.

NOTE: Many RF procedures will be accompanied by a fluoro-guided facet injection. These injections are also billable procedures.

The Takeaway

On one hand, an RF generator pays for itself and begins building up your bottom line in a relatively short span. On the other hand, it also provides your patients with longer-lasting relief while you work together to find the best solution for their chronic pain. With these points in mind, our verdict is: If your budget can bear the initial cost, and if your schedule isn't already bursting at the seams with billable procedures, the purchase of an RF generator is an easy win-win for your practice and your patients.

If you're ready to learn more about RF generators or other pain management equipment, we're ready to help. Contact us or keep reading with any of our other pain management resources: