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Replacing Your OEC 9800 and 9900 Cables

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The HV and interconnect cables on your OEC 9800 or 9900 are the arteries of the system, the essential pathways that carry power and control commands to the system and images to the workstation. Over the lifespan of your C-arm, which can be considerable with proper maintenance, these cables may require replacement from time to time.

To help you prepare for the day when your cables become worse for wear, we're going to share with you what to look for to know your cables are failing, our take on replacing your cables with used ones vs. new, and how much you can expect to pay to replace them.

If you know your cables are already failing and need to order replacements now, call out Parts Hotline at 1-877-621-2887

How to Know if Your OEC C-Arm's HV or Interconnect Cables Are Failing

Before we look into signs of failure, let's be clear: there is no definite life expectancy for an OEC HV or interconnect cable. For both of these cables, the lifespan mostly depends on how the system is treated. The cables do not wear out on their own. They fail with unnecessary stress on the connections, or misuse (such as pulling on a cable like a handle). See more info on helping your cables last longer here.

One key indication that your HV cable is failing is a camera or collimator error. If you see an error for these components, or if either of them seem to be diminishing in signal, your HV cable is a suspect.

If you're having a problem with your interconnect cable, the most common indicator is a communication error. Your C-arm may also fail to boot along with the workstation.

Should I Replace with Used Cables or New Cables?

The OEC 9800 and 9900 are extremely popular C-arm models and, because of their popularity, used replacement parts are readily available for them. Block Imaging is a used parts supplier and OEC systems are very much in our wheelhouse. Nine times out of ten, we believe that the cost savings of purchasing a used C-arm part can offer exceptional value. With HV and interconnect cables, however, we believe that buying new is better. In this case, the cost savings are not as dramatic as with other parts and the added longevity of a new cable is a worthwhile investment.

How Much It Costs to Replace OEC 9800 and 9900 Cables

HV Cable for OEC 9800/9900, Part Number 5694681-01: $3,300, 6-month warranty

Interconnect Cable (20’) for OEC 9800, Part Number 00-879322-04: $1,950, 6-month warranty

Interconnect Cable (20’) for OEC 9900, Part Number 00-887183-01: $1,950, 6-month warranty 

The Takeaway

If you don't need a new HV cable or interconnect cable for your OEC 9800 or 9900 now, you will eventually. Be on the lookout for diminishing signal or errors related to your camera, collimator, or communication. And when the time comes, our team is ready to help. You can use the button below to make a request for cables or call our team directly at 1-877-621-2887.

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