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Radiofrequency Generator Price Cost Guide

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When we talk to people who are looking to outfit a pain management practice, one of the questions we're hearing on an increasingly consistent basis is, "How much does a radiofrequency generator cost?"

This is a great question, with an answer that comes in two parts:

  • The initial purchase price
  • The ongoing costs

Keep reading or watch the video version at the bottom to see current price averages for RF generators and the consumable pieces that are used with them to provide prolonged pain relief for patients.

Radiofrequency Generator Pricing 

The majority of today's RF generators are multi-lesion units that accommodate up to four needles at a time. These systems consist of the generator itself and a hub that the electrodes plug into. The average price currently ranges between $10,000 and $15,000. Most of these systems also come with a warranty and a start-up package of consumables.



Radiofrequency Consumables Pricing

  • Electrodes: $500-$800 each. Depending on your patient volume, you can expect to replace these 1 or2 times per year.
  • Cannulas: $10-$15 per needle. These are usually packaged in boxes of 10 or 25.  
  • Grounding pads: $4-$8 each. These are also packaged in boxes of 10 or 25. 


NOTE: Depending on your supplier, it's often possible to get lower prices on consumables if you can commit to purchasing a certain bulk of them in a year.

Other Questions?

Building your budgetary expectations is just one aspect of picking the best pain management equipment package for your practice. If you have other questions about RF generators, C-arms, or tables, we're ready to help. Contact us today or check out some of our other resources for more information.