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Rad Room Installation with Digital Detector [Project Time Lapse]

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With all the recent tumult of reimbursement cuts for film and impending cuts for CR image processing, our team is having more and more conversations about how facilities can take their X-ray imaging fully digital in affordable ways. One option that we discuss frequently is purchasing an analog rad room and pairing it with a digital flat-panel detector.

To help all the folks we've been speaking to better visualize what that process might look like, we sent a camera along with our installation crew and captured the entire project, start to finish, in time-lapse photography.

Watch the clip below to see:

• X-ray system removal and packaging for shipment

• X-ray system installation

• Tethered DR panel installation

X-Ray Room with Tethered DR Panel Installation

Need to Learn More?

If this project has you thinking about how to digital X-ray to your facility, we'd love to help you learn more about your options. You can find more in any of our other resources, or, if you're ready to start a conversation, you can use the button below to tell us about your project.

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