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R/F Room Service Cost Price Info

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A reliable R/F room is a fluoroscopy mainstay in many hospitals. Whether the system is catching overflow for the rad room or recording swallow studies for the resident speech pathologist, an R/F room that's well-maintained and performing its best is a valuable asset; but, of course, maintenance and performance aren't free. 

To help you know what you can expect to pay each year for service coverage through an independent service organization (ISO), we've compiled current average rates for a year of our most inclusive Full Service Coverage plan as well as a short list of factors that will play into determining your individual price.

What Affects R/F Room Service Pricing?

Age of system: Generally speaking, the older a unit is, the less it costs to maintain. Parts availability increases as systems age and more engineers gain experience with the model.

Location: Travel expenses for your field service engineer like hotel, car rental, or plane tickets are factored into a service quote. The closer your service personnel is, the lower their cost to travel will be, and the lower your overall service cost will be.

Parts: Every R/F room has components that will eventually require replacement. If a part is rarer, it will likely be more expensive to buy. For example, some X-ray tubes, are only available from the OEM. This is frequently the most expensive source for parts. If this is true for your particular system, a service provider will factor it into their quote.


Make & Model: Some machines are simpler to work on than others. This can lead to cost savings. A prime example is GE systems in the US, where the manufacturer dominates market share. Users can always save on parts and labor because the availability of both is so high.

Multiple Systems & Multiple Years: This isn't always the case, but many providers will decrease your cost per system if you sign up for service on multiple systems at the same time. Similarly, signing on for multiple years of service can decrease annual cost.

Coverage Options: The more features and perks your coverage includes, the higher its cost will be. As we mentioned earlier, the price table below is for our "Cadillac" Full Service Coverage plan, but we understand full coverage may not be an option for every facility. In those cases, we recommend considering a Preventative Maintenance Plan or a time and materials service relationship. Our service team can accommodate your budget with either of those options for your R/F room.

Visit our Service Options page to see the plans you can choose from.

What's the Bottom Line?

Considering how the aforementioned factors are at play for your system and your facility, below are averages for what you can expect to see in R/F room service prices. Don't forget that these numbers reflect average costs for full service coverage

Manufacturer Avg. Annual Price
GE (ex. Legacy, Precision 500D) $19,000 - $26,500
Philips (ex. Easy Diagnost, Easy Diagnost Eleva) $23,500 - $24,500
Siemens (ex. Sireskop SD, Axiom Luminos) $22,500 - $47,500

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