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Portable X-Ray Rental: 3 Reasons Why

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Portable X-ray systems are mainstays at hospitals, urgent care centers, and clinics alike. Many portable models are highly durable, reliable, and long-lasting, making them an asset that retains value for quite some time. Sometimes though, it might not make good economic sense to purchase one outright.

We'll discuss some of the scenarios where purchase might not be a good fit below, and share with you why considering a portable X-ray rental might be better.

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"Test Drive" a System

A portable rental allows you to try it before you buy it. Any medical imaging project requires quite a bit of energy and time. If you feel the pressure of finding the right system for your facilities, renting allows you to test drive a unit before committing large amounts of money/time to that system

Conserve Your Capital Budget

Medical imaging equipment purchases are typically capital expenses. Renting/rent-to-own options can take the equipment decision out of the capital expense conversation and move it into the operational expense space. This streamlines your internal decision making process to get equipment that best serves your patients, quickly.

Speed/Ease of Use

Short-term use: If your current X-ray system is down and you are in need of a quick, effective solution to care for your patients while your system is replaced or repaired, a portable may be for you. Portable X-ray systems are easy to set up and use in minutes. They don’t require room reconstruction, and often don’t have lead-lined room requirements (based on county/state). These short-term solutions provide tremendous value during down time and can be shipped within 7-10 business days.

Ease of use: The time from delivery to scanning your first patient can be minutes. Portable systems (specifically the GE AMX 4, Sourceray SR-130, and the Dynarad portable) are lighter systems with quick set up and use times. They are made for people of all shapes/sizes. No worries here, even smaller techs can use these machines.

The Takeaway

When purchasing an X-ray system isn't the best option for your budget, renting can still help you accomplish what you need to, without breaking the bank for the year. On top of that- rental providers like Block Imaging provide flexibility in your rental agreement. If you rent a portable that doesn’t meet your needs, we're happy to switch out with another system that will work for you. If you decide you'd like to keep the unit you've been renting, your rental fees can be applied to the purchase of that system. Whatever your particular needs are, we want to provide the best solution for you. Use the button below to receive more information or to request a rental system today.

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