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Philips MX16 Lease Price Guide

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So, your imaging facility is looking to upgrade or expand its CT capabilities with an MX 16 scanner from Philips? And you're looking to do so as affordably as possible? Excellent! The refurbished market has MX 16 systems readily available at prices significantly lower than buying one new

On top of that, if an outright purchase isn't feasible at the moment, there is another way to get the equipment you need without waiting to set aside a lump sum for the full purchase price.

A lease plan is an option that makes the MX 16 more accessible, and sooner. There are a variety of plans available but, for the sake of time, we'll break down what we've found to be the most popular below.

All of the plans below include installation of the system and the first year of a service agreement as part of the total purchase price. Breaking up the cost of the service agreement across the lease term gives you 12 months of lower payments before needing to tap into your regular ongoing service budget.

Five-Year Lease

MX_16_Gantry.jpgThis plan offers the lowest ongoing monthly costs at a flat rate across the lease term. Typical monthly payments under this plan are $4,000

Four-Year Lease

The four-year lease is the "happy medium". It provides a reduction in up-front cost, but also pays the equipment off faster. Equipment purchased under this plan typically costs $4,900 per month.

Three-Year Lease

The three-year lease is for those who want to pay off the equipment as quickly as possible. Equipment purchased under this plan typically costs $6,350 per month.

The Takeaway

If the numbers don't pan out for you and the MX 16 isn't the system you ultimately choose, it's worth noting that there are options that can help you upgrade your CT equipment sooner. The plans above, and others like them, are available for many other models. If you'd like to know more, contact us, or read on for additional details.

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