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Philips FD20 Lease Price Guide

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It's digital! It's flexible! It's... perhaps a touch outside of your capital equipment budget right now?

If your search for the right digital interventional lab has led you to a refurbished Philips FD20, but setting aside a lump sum to buy it seems daunting (or lengthy), do not despair- there are financing options available that can help your facility take its next equipment step sooner and more affordably.

Which Lease Is for You?

The refurbished market offers quite a few financing options to reduce starting costs and spread out the purchase price of a system. In our experience, buyers typically choose a lease term of 2 years to 5 years. For those facilities that need even lower starting costs, a lease of any length can begin with 3 months of $99 payments. This arrangement keeps capital expenses at a minimum while a new facility gets its scanning capabilities up and running. Now that you have an idea of the options, let's talk numbers!

Philips FD20 Monthly Lease Payments

Currently, a refurbished Philips FD20 ranges between $275,000 and $425,000, depending on location, software release, hardware configuration, the age of key parts like the detector and X-ray tube, and the age of the overall system. The table below shows monthly payments based on the high end and the low end of the current cost spectrum. These payment figures include delivery, installation, and a 1-year service agreement.

  $275,000 Total Price $425,000 Total Price
24 Months $12,200 $18,800
36 Months $8,400 $13,000
48 Months $6,500 $10,000
60 Months $5,300 $8,200

Here to Help

If you're still undecided about the FD20, buying refurbished, or leasing equipment, we're here to help you get informed and make the best decision for your clinical needs and your budgetary bottom line. Contact us to learn more!