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Philips CT and PET/CT Production Suspended: Market Implications

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You may have heard the news that Philips has voluntarily made the decision to cease US production of certain CT and PET/CT devices. The decision came after a recent FDA inspection and seems to be a temporary measure while the manufacturer works to resolve issues with their documentation. This is a great reminder of how seriously the FDA takes process controls and documentation for the purpose of maintaining the highest standards of safety in products in the marketplace.

Of course, along with this reminder, come a few implications for those of us in the industry that are considering a Philips purchase or already own Philips CT or PET/CT equipment.


What Does This Mean for Buyers?

If you are waiting on a CT or PET/CT that Philips has informed you will be delayed, determine how long you can really wait. For those of you who need a solution in the very near future, Philips is still shipping refurbished Diamond Select systems, which are in high demand at the moment. There are also refurbished Philips CT options from other refurbishment companies as well.


What Does This Mean for Sellers? 

If you have a Philips CT or PET/CT that you are hoping to sell, now would be a great time to get an offer for it. Prices will be strong given the demand that will exist in the marketplace during the current product suspension. 


Wherever this temporary production suspension puts you, we're happy to help. Let us know if you have any questions about your equipment purchasing and selling options or take a look at some of our free resources for more information.

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