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Philips Brilliance CT Scanner Price Cost Guide

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If your facility is looking to step up its CT scanner capabilities, the Philips Brilliance line could be an excellent fit for your needs. But after you've seen the spec, read the comparisons, and talked to your industry friends, one question remains, "How much does a Philips Brilliance CT scanner cost?"

The table below answers that question with current average pricing for Brilliance scanners on the refurbished market. These prices include delivery, installation, and a 1-year service agreement with glassware coverage.

It's also worth noting that the Brilliance 16 comes with one of two different tubes. Both the Akron Q and the MRC 600 are 8.0 MHU tubes. The primary difference is that the Akron Q is used with water-cooled scanners and the MRC 600 is used with air-cooled. Click here to read more on that distinction.

Scanner Model Price Range
Brilliance 16- Akron Q Tube $170,000 - $185,000
Brilliance 16- MRC 600 Tube $225,000 - $240,000
Brilliance 64 $295,000 - $330,000

For those of you wondering why the Brilliance 6, 10, and 40 didn't make the table, let us explain: these three models aren't exactly common on the secondary market. You're far more likely to come across 16 and 64-slice units as you shop. In addition, the pricing difference between say, a 10 and a 16 or a 40 and a 64, is relatively moderate- so moderate that you'd probably be better served by spending a little more to have the speed of the next model up on the Brilliance list.

If you want to know more about the Philips Brilliance CT scanner product line or other CT scanner products, don't hesitate to contact us. Our team is ready to help you make a great pick for your facility. You can also read more about CT scanners with any of our free CT resources.

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