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Philips Brilliance 16 Lease Price Guide

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The Philips Brilliance 16 is a quality CT scanner- an excellent choice for a number of applications and patient volume levels. But, of course, because it is a quality CT scanner, acquiring one constitutes a significant capital investment you may not be ready for. So what's the solution? If the need for a 16-slice scanner is looming, but an outright purchase is beyond your budget right now, choosing a multi-year lease could be the the happy medium you need.

As an example of what you can expect to find on the refurbished CT market, we'll show you monthly payments for our most popular Brilliance 16 lease options.

Aside from offering the obvious benefit of reduced starting costs, all three of these plans include the cost of the first year of a service agreement as part of the total and spread it across the lease term. This allows for a year of lower payments before needing to kick in your regular equipment service budget.

5-Year Lease

This plan offers the lowest ongoing monthly costs at a flat rate across the lease term. Typical monthly payments for a Brilliance 16 under this plan are $3,200

4-Year Lease

The 4-year lease is the "happy medium". It provides a reduction in up-front cost, but also pays the equipment off faster. A Brilliance 16 purchased under this plan typically costs $3,900 per month.

3-Year Lease

The 3-year lease is for those who want to pay off the equipment as quickly as possible. Under this plan, a Brilliance 16 typically costs around $5,100 per month.

The Takeaway

Even if the Brilliance 16 isn't your final choice, we want you to know that there are financing options that can help your facility upgrade its CT equipment sooner. These financing plans, and others like them, are available for many CT scanner models. If you'd like to know more, contact us, or read on for additional details.

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