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Philips 16-Slice CT Detector Module Lifespan and Cost Info

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Your Philips Brilliance 16 or MX8000 IDT 16 CT scanner depends on its 42 detector modules (part # 4550-120-01081 for Brilliance, part # 4535-665-00421 for MX8000) to provide crisp, clear, artifact-free images. If your image quality is starting to suffer, the modules are a reasonable suspect and some of them may need to be replaced. Of course, once you know that, the next things you begin to wonder are how often can you expect this to happen, and how much can you expect to spend?

Read on for the typical life expectancy we've seen from our Philips CT customers around the world as well as the current average prices we're seeing in the market.

Life Expectancy

The life expectancy our field engineers have seen and our customers tell us about is between 3 and 5 years. A module could last a little longer or start to fail much sooner, depending on the patient traffic your scanner sees, but an average facility seeing a moderate level of patients should find their modules landing somewhere in the 3 to 5 range. 


Replacement Cost

We've written before on best practices for replacing detector modules in a Philips CT. For the full details on that, you can read our previous article here. In a nutshell though, the modules that are most likely to fail and to cause problems are the 6 modules in the direct center of your detector. The part numbers of the individual detector modules that make up the center 6 are the same as the 36 other modules around them, but the set of 6 is PN 4550-122-03151. This set is matched at the factory for peak performance, which is why it is always recommended that you replace all 6 any time you replace even 1. The pricing you’ll see below is for the individual detector module.

New (from OEM)

For an air-cooled gantry: $14,680 ($4,404 core credit)

For a water-cooled gantry: $14,683


For an air-cooled gantry: $840

For a water-cooled gantry: $780


Philips 16-slice detector modules have that perfect blend of popularity and age that makes for high availability on the used market. You should have very little difficulty getting a set of center 6 for your Brilliance or IDT 16 at the used price listed above.

If you're starting to see an image quality decline, talk to your service provider about replacing your detector modules. Whenever you're ready to replace them, you can contact us to get them the next day.