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Patty Dextrom
Operations Manager


When I tell people who know me well that I manage the engineers at Block Imaging, they look at me askance. I quickly reassure them that I was hired for my organizational management skills, not my technical ability. I worked for more than 20 years in the areas of communications and marketing so I’m more comfortable with the written word and graphics than I am with technical explanations and graphs. Although coming to Block as the operations manager for Engineering has been a huge shift in my career, I thrive on details and have years of organizational management experience so getting involved with all of the specifics that go into making the Engineering Department successful has been a fun challenge! I’m grateful that Block Imaging applies one of its core values of innovation to how they staff and looks at the big picture of skills and abilities. I’ve learned much since coming here and in addition to growing in my knowledge of the world of engineering, the skills I brought with me have also been sharpened and expanded.

Outside of work, I love spending time with my three nephews. They are fun boys and I’m very blessed to see them often (they live one-third of a mile from me). My mom also lives close and, although I wouldn’t describe us as super traditional, we do family dinner together every Sunday after church. When not with my family, I’m an avid reader and also like to travel. Whether it is up north where I grew up or to another country, I enjoy getting out of town. I’ve been to almost every state and 10 countries. My goal is to see 100 countries in my lifetime so I need to get busy!

Patty Dextrom

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