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Are OEC 9800 and 9900 Interconnect Cables Interchangeable?

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It's no secret that the OEC 9800 and 9900 C-arms are very similar systems. We've already discussed the overlap in functionality and features they share, but there's another level of overlap that is helpful for users of either model to know about: replacement parts.

Today, we're going to tell you all about sharing interconnect cables between the OEC 9800 and the OEC 9900. Keep reading to find part numbers, average pricing, and the one simple step that lets you safely use the 9800 cable on the 9900 system.

Interchangeable with a Single Step

There's good news for OEC 9800 and 9900 users: all of these cables are interchangeable! But don't make the mistake of assuming their interchangeability means they are identical. There is a small, but important difference that is easy to account for and lets you use any cable from the part numbers above for either OEC model. 

Pictured on the left is the OEC 9800 interconnect. Notice the grounding wire, which we've circled. On the right is the OEC 9900 interconnect. The grounding wire in this case is soldered right into the plug. This means that a 9900 cable can just plug into the 9800 and already be grounded. To ground the 9800 cable on the 9900, simply put a screw through the loop on the end of the grounding wire and turn it into the extra hole, which we've also circled.


OEC 9800 and 9900 Interconnect Cable Part Numbers and Prices

Right now, interconnect cables on the secondary market sell for $1,200 - $1,700, depending on age and cable length.

OEC 9800 Interconnect Cable, 20 foot: P/N 00-879322-01

OEC 9800 Interconnect Cable, 30 foot: P/N 5401647FS

OEC 9900 Interconnect Cable, 20 foot: P/N 00-887183-01

OEC 9900 Interconnect Cable, 30 foot: P/N 5335510

The Takeaway

With so much parts overlap between the OEC 9800 and 9900, parts availability is consistently strong on the secondary market, which translates into savings for users. If you need an OEC interconnect cable or any other OEC C-arm part today, our team is ready to help. Click the button below to tell us what part(s) you need and place your order.

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