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OEC Urology: Your Options Now

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OEC discontinued the last model in their Uroview product line (the Uroview 2800) in 2006. But, just because you won't be seeing any more new Uroviews doesn't mean that OEC is out of the urology market altogether. There are still options available to the OEC loyalist who wants to break into urology or upgrade their existing uro platform. Below are two routes you can take to high-quality uro functionality from OEC.

OEC urology options in a post-Uroview world

Refurbished Uroview 2800

Although the line has been discontinued for years, a refurbished unit from OEC's dedicated urology line is still a viable choice. The system's popularity (not to mention its high degree of crossover with the OEC 9800) means that Uroview replacement parts and service personnel are easy to find. And, of course, in terms of cost, buying refurbished affords substantial savings over the purchase of new equipment.


C-Arm Plus Urology Specialty Table 


This is the method that OEC recommends now. Specifically, they suggest pairing an OEC 9900 C-arm with a urology-specific C-arm table. An OEC 9900 is more than sufficient for the imaging needs of urology procedures and the movements and stirrups of a urology table make patient positioning commensurate with the capabilities of the Uroview's built-in table. OEC hasn't endorsed any particular table manufacturer, but we've included a photo of the URO-MAX table from Sugical Tables Inc. as a reference.

URO-MAX tables average $11,500 - $25,000 depending on the number of movements you want.


oec-9900-elite-c-arm-resized-179The 9900 is still in production, so new units are available. However, used and refurbished 9900s can also be found at significantly lower prices. Used and refurbished OEC 9900 currently averages $80,000 - $140,000, depending on system age, location, and the level of refurbishment.




Hopefully, if the discontinuation of the Uroview bummed you out, one of these options has injected some hope into your search for a viable urology solution from your preferred manufacturer. If you have other questions about any of the equipment we mentioned above or urology options from other manufacturers, we're happy to help. Contact us to learn more.

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