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OEC Image Intensifier Power Supplies: Lifespan and Cost Info

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The image intensifier (II) is a core part of most OEC C-arms (with the exception of only the newest FD model). If you are an OEC user, then you're familiar with how essential the II is. Just as important as the II is to the overall C-arm, is the II's power supply to it's function. The II power supply provides the II with the power it needs to amplify the light signal produced by the X-ray conversion process. It also modulates the intensity of this power to balance the sizing, focus, and edge focus of each of the II’s magnification modes. 

It's a common assumption that when you purchase an II it comes with a power supply. This is not true- the II power supply is its own FRU (field replacement unit) part and needs to be purchased separately. Because this part is so important to the II, we’ve provided some stats to help you know what to expect when replacing your OEC image intensifier power supply.

The Cost

 OEC 9600 II Power Supply: 00-900752-01Prices vary from vendor to vendor but, on average, used power supplies cost about half the price of new power supplies.

OEC 9600 II Power Supply: 00-900752-01

• OEM List Price: $3,300

• Used Price: $1,800

OEC 9800 II Power Supply: 00-901180-02

• OEM List Price: $5,200

• Used Price: $2,600

The Lifespan

The life expectancy of an II power supply is indeterminate. It's entirely possible for a power supply to outlive multiple image intensifiers. Environment and usage level play a part in how long a power supply will last, but there are no hard and fast metrics for it and the range of lifespans is so broad as to be virtually useless for predictive purposes.

Pot on a 9600 II Power SupplySigns of Failure

The most common sign of impending failure in an II power supply is unresponsive potentiometers, or "pots". The pots on an II power supply (there are 9 on the 9600 and 3 on the 9800) are used to calibrate the power supply to the II it is being used with. When a pot's responsiveness to adjustment declines or desists altogether, it's time to begin looking for a replacement.

Buying Your Replacement

If you're having problems with your power supply, replacements are not hard to come by. Given the popularity of OEC's 9600 and 9800 C-arm models, you shouldn't have too much trouble taking advantage of the used market savings we mentioned earlier. To check on pricing and availability from Block Imaging's inventory, grab the part number above and plug it into our new parts website.

NOTE: It is NOT necessary to replace your power supply every time you replace your II. If your power supply is functioning properly when your II fails, it's preferable to leave the existing power supply installed as you can save the time it would take to calibrate a replacement.