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OEC C-Arm Parts: Your First Call

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As you serve patients with your OEC C-arm day after day, the occasional breakdown is inevitable. In these situations, one of the best things you can do to minimize your downtime is have a reliable parts supplier that you can reach out to as your first call. Of course, the biggest thing a first-call parts supplier needs to earn your call is consistent stock of the parts you're likely to need for your C-arm.

Below you'll find a list of OEC C-arm parts that Block Imaging has in inventory regularly (some almost constantly). Each of these parts is a solution to a major problem that can put your C-arm down and halt your ability to perform scans. To make the list a little more convenient, we've included each part's number and current average price. 

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OEC 9600 SRAM Card: P/N 00-875631, Avg. Price: $910

If your 9600 is giving you a "Checksum" error, a failure in this part is probably the problem. We always have these cards in stock and, with an email confirming your system's serial number and software info, we can format one for you in short order and send it on its way to your site. You can also check out our how-to guide for troubleshooting your SRAM card.

OEC 96/98/9900 Batteries: P/N 00-900589-01/ 00-900589-02/ 5327368, Avg. Price: $950

These batteries are the big ones that live in the bottom of your C-arm and are another item we can practically guarantee availability for. If you see a "Charger Fail" error on your system, your batteries are a likely suspect. Once you order a set, you can refer to this video for information on how to install them. 

OEC 9800 Monitors: P/N 00-901076-03 (right) 00-901076-04 (left), Avg. Price: $1,000  

When you order a CRT monitor for an OEC 9800 from Block Imaging, it has new glass, a repaired housing (as needed), and the cabling you need to make it basically plug-and-play. When you start to see images getting burnt into your CRT glass, or (gasp!) when your monitor goes dark altogether, you probably need a new monitor. You can watch here to see how to put your new monitor into your system.

OEC 9900 Interconnect Cable: P/N 00-887183-01, Avg. Price: $1,950

If your C-arm is giving you a communication error, or if your C-arm is failing to boot up along with the monitor cart, you have probable cause to suspect your interconnect cable as the root of the problem.

OEC 9800/9900 HV Cable: P/N 5694684-01, Avg. Price: $3,300 

Collimator error, diminishing camera signal, low mA error- any of these symptoms could be a sign that your system needs new HV cables.

And Boards!

In addition to these high-demand standbys, we also routinely carry the major boards for the OEC 9600, 9800, and 9900. Keep in mind that if you're using an OEC 9900, a significant portion of the boards in the 9800 will cross over to your system.


Isolated Interface: P/N 00-887455-02, Average Price: $477 on exchange

Vortex Display: P/N 00-885793-0X, Average Price: $2,500 on exchange

Cine Bridge: P/N 00-886237-01, Average Price: $1,800 on exchange


Generator Interface: P/N 00-884526-03, Average Price: $2,540

Filament Driver: P/N 00-879722-06, Average Price: $845

Fluoro Functions: P/N 00-879101-04, Average Price: $1,380

External Interface: P/N 00-879186-02, Average Price: $430


Generator Driver: P/N 00-877463-03, Average Price: $1,300

X-ray Regulator: P/N 00-877460-08, Average Price: $1,710

Battery Charger: P/N 00-877997-02, Average Price: $1,560

The Takeaway

If you want to be better prepared for solving equipment problems, you'll do well to have a parts supplier's contact saved in your phone and ready to dial. A vendor who has the parts above on a consistent basis is a great place to start. 

Whether you have an immediate parts need or would simply like to check on availability, you can contact the Block Imaging Parts Team at 877-621-2887 or use the button below to to submit your request online.

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