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OEC 9900 CCD Camera "Sticking"?

Posted by Matt Bushart

Jul 12, 2018 2:53:00 PM

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OEC 9900 CCD Camera HeaderBlock Imaging's imaging equipment Service Team, confronts a broad variety of equipment issues every day. Recently, an account we handle experienced "sticking" or "binding" between the gears in their OEC 9900 CCD camera.

Fortunately, we were able to diagnose their problem and get them scanning again quickly. If you notice a similar problem emerging in your system, keep reading to learn what to expect from a CCD camera gear repair.

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The Problem

If the gears are binding in your CCD camera, you'll notice difficulty in getting proper image orientation. If it takes several tries to get it right, your gears are a likely suspect. This problem will only get worse, so we recommend contacting a service provider as soon as you can. Depending on the severity of the issue, your service provider will most likely resolve it with one of the following solutions.

Solution 1  

The engineer will begin by cleaning and re-greasing the gears. Sometimes the simplest fix is the best fix. If that doesn't help, there may be too much tension on the gears. The tension can be eased, allowing the gears more freedom to turn.

If neither of these steps smooth out your camera movement, the engineer may have to fall back on solution 2.

Solution 2

If cleaning and a tension adjustment aren't enough, this is a strong indication that your camera is approaching mechanical failure and should be replaced. If a CCD Camera is needed, you can order one from your preferred parts vendor using part number 879127.


The Next Step

If you don't have a regular service or parts provider, the team here at Block is ready to help with both. You can contact us below for field engineering support or for replacement OEC 9900 parts.

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Written by Matt Bushart

author of blog post

Matt Bushart is a Project Manager at Block Imaging. His goal is to provide communication and support that make imaging projects seamless for equipment buyers. When he’s not serving customers, Matt enjoys hunting, fishing, and traveling Michigan with his family.

Topics: Imaging Equipment Service, C-Arm, Imaging Equipment Parts

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