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OEC 9900 C-Arm Features Overview [VIDEO]

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Over the last year or so, the availability of OEC 9900 C-arms on the secondary market has grown. Along with that growth have come a lot more questions from those in the healthcare community that are looking for cost-effective ways of upgrading their imaging equipment. How is the OEC 9900 different from the 9800? What options are available on the 9900? How much does a 9900 cost? We've addressed these in earlier blogs, but now, our in-house "C-arm Guy" wants to show you around a 9900 that has just finished the refurbishment process here at Block Imaging.

Check out the videos below for a guided tour of the hardware and software of the OEC 9900 C-Arm.

OEC 9900 Hardware Features

OEC 9900 Software Features

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If your interest in the 9900 is piqued, but you'd like to learn more about the system and how it can help you serve your patients, our team is standing by to help you with any other questions you may have. Contact us here, or use the button below to request a quote on an OEC 9900 for your facility.

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