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OEC 9900 C-Arm Basic Demo [VIDEO]

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As the availability of refurbished OEC 9900 C-arms creeps gradually upward, more and more of the people we talk to have been asking to see the flexibility the system can offer them. For those of you that have asked- the wait is over!


OEC 9900 Video Demo

Watch the video below for a basic demonstration of the OEC 9900. The system in the video has just finished going through our C-arm refurbishment process. Our engineer shows you the system's brake and steering mechanisms and full range of motion as well as capturing a phantom image with the footswitch and handswitch.


If the video has piqued your interest in the 9900, here are some resources that will tell you more about what you can do with the 9900 and how it stacks up against some of its contemporaries:

If you have other questions, please contact us. Our team is happy to help you find answers and pick the best C-arm system for your facility.

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