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OEC 9800 vs. OEC 8800

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If you were to line an OEC Flexview 8800 C-arm up alongside an OEC 9800, you would probably get the impression that the 8800 was the 9800's "little brother". In some ways, you would be correct. The 8800 is not quite the multi-specialty, workhorse system the 9800 is known for being, but there are plenty of scenarios where it will get the job done, or even be a better fit altogether.

Watch the video clip below for further details on the technical similarities and differences between the OEC 9800 and OEC 8800 C-arm systems.

OEC 9800 vs. OEC 8800: C-Arm Comparison

C-Arm Comparison: OEC 9800 vs Flexview OEC 8800

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