OEC 9800 vs. Genoray Zen-7000

The OEC 9800 is a stalwart, go-to C-arm system in thousands of hospitals and clinics, and if you look into the C-arm marketplace for even a minute, refurbished 9800s will be one of the first few systems you see. Of course, the notoriety of an established system doesn't mean that relative newcomers don't have anything to offer your facility. This is precisely why we'd like to share more with you about a model that has found its way onto the secondary market in more recent years: Genoray's Zen-7000.

Watch the brief video clip below to see how the OEC 9800 and the Genoray Zen-7000 stack up in terms of features, performance, and user experience.

OEC 9800 vs. Genoray Zen-7000

OEC 9800 vs Genoray Zen-7000 C-arm

At a Glance Specs.

  Monitors C-Arm Controls Generator Software Platform
OEC 9800 CRT standard (upgrade avail.) Keypad 15 kW Proprietary
Genoray Zen-7000 LCD standard LCD touchscreen 15 kW Windows 7

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