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OEC 9800 Vascular vs. Siemens Arcadis Avantic C-Arms

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OEC and Siemens (among others) are both in the business of making excellent C-arms. The relative abundance of quality options is actually one of the primary reasons why choosing your best C-arm can be so complicated.

To help make it easier, we'll dig into the particulars of two popular models from OEC and Siemens below and point out some areas where each one shines. 

OEC 9800 Vascular and Siemens Arcadis Avantic Feature Comparison

In terms of functionality and image quality, these two systems are quite comparable. There are, however, particular advantages of each that, depending on your facility's needs, could tip the balance to one over the other.

Where the OEC 9800 Vascular Wins

The biggest advantages of the 9800 vascular come in the form of ownership experience. Service, resale, user training- the edge falls to OEC in these areas.

  • Lower service cost
  • More 3rd-party options for service and parts
  • Familiar interface: a best-selling unit in a line of best-selling units
  • Strong value retention for resale
  • Smaller footprint for sites with space concerns

Where the Siemens Arcadis Avantic Wins

The Avantic comes out on top in overall power and image storage/transfer features. Its bigger generator means more penetration power for obese patients. Larger hard drives and more storage media options mean you can save more images and move them to remote viewing stations more easily. 

  • Newer technology vintage (2006-present vs. 1999-2006)
  • Higher resolution flatscreen monitors (vs. square CRTs)
  • Greater onboard digital image storage
  • More convenient media storage/transfer options (CD, DVD, USB)
  • 13" quad-mode image intensifier (vs. 12" with tri-mode). This means a larger field of view and better magnification for the Avantic
  • More powerful generator (25 kW vs. 15 kW) 

As we said earlier, both the OEC 9800 and the Arcadis Avantic are great C-arms from manufacturers you know. Both have areas in which they shine and these strengths should be a part of your considerations as you shop for a system. Regardless of which C-arm you eventually choose, we're here to help with questions, quotes, and more resources.

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