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OEC 9800 Handswitch & Footswitch Troubleshooting Basics

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The X-ray handswitch and footswitch on your OEC 9800 are subject to a lot of wear and tear: being dropped, getting stomped on, having their cables run over. There's a pretty good chance that, over the lifetime of your C-arm, you'll have a malfunction from one or the other at least once.

Some of these problems can be diagnosed and repaired. Others, might simply require a total replacement. The video below will give you a brief overview of what proper functionality looks like, what some common problems with hand/footswitches are, and where you should look to find the causes of these problems.

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OEC 9800 Handswitch & Footswitch Troubleshooting Basics

OEC 9800 Handswitch and Footswitch Troubleshooting Basics

Need a Replacement?

If your handswitch or footswitch troubleshooting has revealed the need for a replacement. We can help with that. Contact our parts team here and use the part numbers below to place an order. Our parts ship the same day and next-day delivery is available.

OEC 9800 Handswitch: 00-901627-02 (or -03)

OEC 9800 Footswitch: 00-881060-02 (or -03)

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