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OEC 9600 Product Overview

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Once OEC's flagship model, the OEC 9600 has been succeeded more recently by the 9800 and 9900. But, while the 9600 isn't exactly cutting edge anymore, it's still in fairly wide use. This is due primarily to its workhorse reliability and the wide availability of affordable replacement parts and service engineers who know the model.

Because the OEC 9600 can still be an economical choice for facilities on a budget, we've put together a short overview of the model for newcomers.

OEC 9600 Product Overview

9600 Product Overview

The Takeaway

If your facility is just getting started, plans to serve a moderate volume of patients, has a limited budget- or if all of these things are true- a refurbished OEC 9600 can be a cost-effective starting point for you. Check out some of our other OEC 9600 articles to learn more about the model and its capabilities, or use the red button to get a quote from our C-arm team.

Click here to see a video demonstration of the OEC 9600's full range of motion 

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