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OEC 9600 Hardware and Software Options

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Along with it's successor, the 9800, the OEC 9600 is one of the C-arm systems I sell most often. That being said, I answer the following question a lot:

"What are the possible hardware and software configurations for an OEC 9600?" 

I'll give you the answer below, with the most important options that you'll choose from as you shop OEC C-arms:

OEC 9600 Hardware Options

Standard 9"- OEC's standard-sized C-arm with a 9" image intensifier (II), used often for cardiac, orthopedics, pain management, general surgery, pacemaker placement, sports medicine

Standard 12"- OEC's standard-sized C-arm with 12" II, used often for vascular, neurovascular, and orthopedics

Super C- Larger C-arm (7" deeper arc than standard 9", 5" deeper than standard 12"), 33° more rotation than standard systems, only available with 9" II

Old vs. New-Style Steering- While the majority of 9600s have "new-style" steering like the 9800, units from the earliest part of the manufacturing run have "old-style" steering. Click here to see the difference


OEC 9600 Software Options

GSP- General surgery package, digital spot, pulsed fluoro, averaging, edge enhancement

ESP- Extended surgery package, GSP features plus more image storage, digital zoom and roam

Vascular 4- ESP features plus DSA, roadmapping, 4 frame per second cine

Vascular 8- Vascular features plus DSA, roadmapping, 8 frame per second cine

Vascular 15- Vascular features plus 15 frame per second cine

NeuroVascular- Vascular features 30 frame per second cine

Cardiac- Vascular features plus 30 frame per second cine (note: cardiac software always paired with 9" II)


The OEC 9600 comes in a number configurations that work for a wide variety of C-arm applications. Whether one of these configurations will suit your needs, or if you're still undecided, we're here to help you make a great purchase for your facility. Contact us or check out our free resources to learn more about the OEC 9600.

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