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Nuclear Camera Price Cost Guide

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When the time comes to upgrade your nuclear camera (or to purchase your first), it's not unusual to feel some "sticker shock" or to get several quotes for comparison. While you're getting your quotes, we suggest getting at least one from a provider who specializes in used or refurbished systems. There are plenty of quality systems to be found and substantial savings to be had versus simply paying the asking price of an OEM for a brand-new machine.

To help you get a basic idea of what those savings might look like in 2021, you can check out the comparison chart below to see average cost information for nuclear cameras for all applications. 

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 Nuclear Camera Price Guide [2021]

As you read the chart, remember that these prices prices include not only the equipment, but delivery, installation, and a 1-year warranty as well. A full, "turnkey" package like this can save you thousands in logistics costs, not to mention a whole lot of stress during your project.

Entry-Level Systems: $75k - $105k

General Purpose

  • GE Millenium MG
  • GE Infinia
  • Siemens E.Cam
  • Philips Brightview


  • GE Ventri
  • Siemens C.Cam
  • Philips CardioMD

Intermediate Systems: $105k - $195k

  • Siemens Symbia S, T, and T2
  • GE Infinia Hawkeye
  • GE Discovery 530C
  • Philips Brightview XCT

Premium Systems: $170k - $355k

  • Siemens Symbia T6 and T16
  • GE Discovery 630 and 670

The Takeaway

If you're considering a nuclear camera purchase in the near future, brand-new systems at brand-new prices are not your only option. The used market can offer a wide selection of high-quality systems that accommodate a number of budget brackets. Take a look at our current nuclear camera inventory, see what catches your eye, and submit a request to get a custom quote for your individual project. 

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