Nuclear Camera Price Guide

Average price ranges for nuclear cameras. Delivery, install, and service are included.


$75k - $105k

General Purpose

• GE Millenium MG

• GE Infinia

• Siemens E.Cam

• Philips Brightview


• GE Ventri

• Siemens C.Cam

• Philips CardioMD


$105k - $195k

• Siemens Symbia S

• Siemens Symbia T

• Siemens Symbia T2

• GE Infinia Hawkeye

• GE Discovery 530C

• Philips Brightview XCT


$170k - $355k

• Siemens Symbia T6

• Siemens Symbia T16

• GE Discovery 630

• GE Discovery 670


Which Tier Is Right for You?

Selecting the best nuclear camera for your facility is a process that will depend on several key factors. Watch this quick video for a breakdown of the features, pros, and cons you'll find in the three big pricing categories for Nuclear camera equipment.


Average Refurbished Nuclear Camera Price

Equipment from Siemens, GE, & Philips

The price for an individual nuclear camera varies across factors like system age, accessories, and software options, but the ranges above give a general baseline for creating an equipment budget. If you'd like a more detailed pricing figure, feel free to contact us!



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