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Neusoft CT Scanners: Try Before You Buy

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Whether we're popping off the cap to smell that new deodorant, or munching a sample of the latest cheese-blasted snack food at the supermarket, we love finding ways to "try it before you buy it". This isn't just a catchy rhyming marketing phrase any more, it's the way we shop- for everything. More and more, we're demanding hard evidence of the quality and effectiveness of the products we purchase.

Unfortunately, when it comes to shopping around for capital medical equipment like a CT scanner, trying it before you buy isn't always easy... or cheap.

How it's usually done

Most of the time, trying a prospective CT scanner involves paying a third-party engineer to check it out, or hopping on a plane yourself for a day or two. Not the most convenient, and certainly not free. We will say that doing either (or both) of these things can be 100% worthwhile before your facility ponies up for a 6 to 7-figure investment, but there is another option.


How it could be done

Neusoft's remote "test drive" gives your physicians and techs the opportunity to experience using a Neusoft CT scanner in real time, from your own office. The physical systems are located in Neusoft's Cleveland, OH training center. You can take over the controls from your desktop and get a feel for the user interface, software options, and, most importantly, the image quality.

During your test drive, Neusoft has support staff at the training center on the line with you to answer your questions. Of course, you're also welcome to visit the training center in person as well as go to a clinical site to see a Neusoft scanner in action, but your test drive offers a stronger degree of confidence before you start spending money, time, or both pursuing leads on CT scanner systems.


If you're on the market for a new CT, a Neusoft system could be an excellent fit for your facility- plus, you can take it for a spin without ever leaving your office. If you'd like to schedule a remote test drive, contact us! 

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