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NEMA Standard XR-29 Compliance Reading Guide

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Here we are- just about two weeks away from the deadline for CT scanners to meet NEMA XR-29 compliance. While this is pretty late in the game to be seeking a compliance solution before the standard and its associated reimbursement cuts go into effect on January 1, we know that not everyone has arrived at a final decision yet. We also know that some facilities have weighed the cuts against the cost of compliance and chosen to defer their solution for part of 2016, revisiting the matter before the even steeper cuts of 2017 come into play.

Whatever your particular approach to achieving XR-29 compliance, if you serve patients with a CT scanner, it is still imperative that you understand how it works and what to expect. If you still have questions, we've put together the following list of XR-29 articles that answer common questions and dispel the confusion that sometimes surrounds the standard

What's In the Standard?

Before you can begin to choose a solution sensibly, it pays to know the "letter of the law". The links below will take you to some articles about what you need (and don't need) to be compliant as well as a description of XR-29 requirements straight from NEMA.

NEMA Standard XR-29 for CT- What Does It Mean for You?

New MITA Smart Dose Standard Enhances Dose Optimization and Management in CT Equipment

Does Your Facility Need Iterative Reconstruction?

The True Cost of XR-29 Non-Compliance

XR_29_Guide_PDF_Thumb.pngWho Does the Standard Apply To?

The effect XR-29 will have on your facility will depend on what type of CT equipment you have, how much you rely on it for revenue, and the admission status of the majority of patients you serve. The following articles will help clarify questions about hybrid CT equipment and hospital admission status.

XR-29 CT Only Affects Medicare Outpatients in Hospitals and Clinics

Does NEMA Standard XR-29 Apply to PET/CT?

Which Options Are/Aren't Compliant?

XR-29 imposes four core requirements on CT scanners for compliance. The articles below focus on explaining those requirements, demonstrating how you can check your system for them, and clarifying what does and doesn't constitute a solution.

Is My CT Scanner XR-29 Compliant?

NEMA Standard XR-29 for CT: A Complete Guide to Checking Your System for Compliance

XR 29: NEMA White Paper Clarifies Aftermarket Add-ons, RDSR, and More

What's Next?

If your facility has yet to make a final XR-29 compliance decision, you've probably already braced yourself for the 5% reimbursement cuts that begin in January. If you hope to avoid the 15% cuts that begin in 2017, this gives you just a few months to deliberate on a solution before you'll need to begin the planning stage of your CT scanner project. 

If replacing your scanner is on the horizon, we're here to help. Contact us to tell us about your project or, learn more about budgeting, preparing for, and executing the arrival of your XR-29 compliant scanner with these additional resources:

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