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MX240 CT Tube Lifespan and Cost

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Researching your next CT or PET/CT? Scouting out parts for a system you're already using? In either case, knowing what to expect from the X-ray tube in your equipment is valuable information that will serve you multiple times over across the life of your system. For those of you looking into GE systems from the Lightspeed Pro, VCT, RT, and Xtra series, as well as parts of the Discovery series, the tube you'll need to learn about is the MX240; AKA Performix Pro VCT100, Hercules, or Reevo 240. Below, we'll share how long you can expect your MX240 tube to last, and what cost you can expect when the time comes to replace it. 

Systems Using the MX240:

LightSpeed Pro16 LightSpeed VCT XT
LightSpeed Pro32 LightSpeed Xtra
LightSpeed VCT Select Discovery PET/CT690
LightSpeed RT16 Discovery VCT
LightSpeed VCT Discovery RX VCT
LightSpeed VCT XTe Discovery NM/CT570c

MX240 Average Lifespan and Cost

The Span

Based on what our engineers have seen in the field, and what we've heard from our GE CT-using customers, MX240 tubes last an average of 100-140 million mAs in a medium-volume imaging facility. This translates to approximately 10,000 to 18,000 patient scans.

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The Cost

Currently, prices for used MX240 tubes are between $25,000 and $55,000, depending on the tube's date of manufacture and level of usage. Prices also vary by manufacturer. There are four manufacturers that build this tube under various part numbers (see table below). These tubes are interchangeable, regardless of manufacturer.

GE Part Number GE Maxiray Part Number Varex Part Number Dunlee Part Numbers
2219500-3 D3199T MCS-8064 Reevo 240 G
2219500-4     9896-055-96400

The Takeaway

There isn't a sure-fire way to predict how long your CT tube will last. Some tubes simply meet the upper limits of the range we've experienced, others surpass it with no signs of quitting, and still other fall a bit short, but these figures are helpful place to assess when you should begin looking for your next tube. If you're searching actively or pro-actively for MX240 tubes, we're standing by to assist. Use the banner below to submit a tube request.

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