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MX200 CT Tube Lifespan and Cost

Posted by Jordan Clark

Feb 26, 2019 9:30:00 AM

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MX200-Tube-Lifespan-CostWhether you're researching your next CT or scouting out parts for one you already own, knowing what to expect from your scanner's tube is valuable information that is likely to serve you several times over across the life of your equipment. For those of you looking into GE systems from the HiSpeed, BrightSpeed, LightSpeed, and Discovery series, the tube you'll need to learn about is the MX200; AKA Performix Ultra or DA200. Keep reading to find how long you can expect your MX200 tube to last, and how much you can expect to pay when the time comes to replace it.

Systems Using the MX200:

BrightSpeed Edge
BrightSpeed Elite
BrightSpeed Excel
Discovery LS
Discovery NM/CT670
Discovery PET/CT600
Discovery RX
Discovery ST
Discovery STE
HiSpeed QX/i
LightSpeed Plus
LightSpeed Ultra

MX 200 Average Lifespan and Cost

The Span

In the experience of our engineering network and our GE CT-owning customers, MX200 tubes last on average from 100-140 million mAs in a medium-volume imaging facility. This translates to approximately 10,000 to 18,000 patient scans.

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The Cost

The current price range for used MX200 tubes is between $20,000 and $40,000, depending on the tube's date of manufacture and level of usage. Prices also vary by manufacturer. There are four suppliers that build this tube under various part numbers (see table below). These tubes are interchangeable, regardless of manufacturer.

GE Part Number
GE Maxiray Part Number
Varex Part Number
Dunlee Part Number




The Takeaway

There's no definitive formula for calculating how long your CT tube will last. Some tubes may reach or exceed the upper limits of the range we've experienced with no signs of quitting, but these figures are useful as an indicator of when to begin looking for your next tube. If you're searching actively or pro-actively for MX200 tubes, we're standing by to assist. Use the banner below to submit a tube request.

ct tube and x-ray tube price

Written by Jordan Clark

author of blog post

Jordan Clark is a Customer Service Representative with the Block Imaging Parts Team. He loves contributing to the success of engineers and end users by supplying them with the right parts. Outside work, Jordan enjoys being outdoors with his family, supporting University of Michigan football, and snacking on the occasional Kit Kat.

Topics: Imaging Equipment Parts, CT Scanner

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