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MRI Coil Damage Prevention 101

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Over the years, our team has dealt with just about any kind of MRI maintenance hiccup, setback, or outright failure you can imagine. What you might not imagine is how many of these problems can be traced back to damage caused by mishandling of coils.

The short video below features recommendations for handling MRI coils safely to prevent damage, preserve image quality, and save you and your team the cost and hassle of downtime.

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How to Handle Your MRI Coils

The Takeaway

For those of you that are parents, remember holding your firstborn child for the first time? Remember how fragile they felt? Well, your coils won't need a binky or a college fund, but we recommend you tap into that memory the next time you handle them. Ultimately, the more care you exercise, the more likely you'll be to enjoy a long life and great images from your coils.

If your coils have already acquired a few bumps and bruises, we can help with repairs or replacements. Use the button below to tell us how we can help.

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