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Michael Austin
Inventory Coordinator


Hi, I’m Michael. I am an Inventory Coordinator here at Block Imaging. I operate primarily as support for Parts Customer Service Reps and Service Reps. My main goal is to help get as many parts out of our warehouse, but my job doesn’t end there. I also process incoming parts through inbound, dissemble systems, and do special projects. I bring value to customers by making sure everything that is shipped out is the best quality that it can be, orders are accurate, and packaging will withhold until it reaches our customers hands.

Outside of work, I am working toward my degree in Communication at Lansing Community College here in Lansing, Michigan. In addition, I am an active recording artist and musician. I’ve had the privilege of performing since I was 5 years-old, and it’s still the most enjoyable thing for me to do. I use my musical platform as a way to engage the community I am a part of. This year, I began a project that bridges local arts with the community, while raising $5,000 in art scholarships for our inner city senior students, continuing their education in the arts.




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