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Medical Equipment Installation: What to Expect Post-Install

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Now that your CT, MRI, or other medical imaging equipment has been installed, let us be among the first to congratulate you! The hard part is done, but there are a few "housekeeping" items that you may need to be aware of as you transition from your purchasing experience to your ownership experience.

We can't say exactly how every provider handles these steps, but we can use our own processes as an example so that you can begin to build an idea of what to expect.

What to Do After Your Install

Applications Training and Demonstration of Use

If you purchased the system with applications training, then this is likely already scheduled and you are preparing to have your techs trained on the specifics of your system. The engineer who completed the final calibrations should have provided you with a basic demonstration of use to familiarize you with the controls and navigation of the system. Applications training will not only make sure your techs understand how to use the equipment on patients, but also customize the system to the studies you intend to perform. As a nice bonus, your techs may also receive CE credits for the training.

If you did not purchase your system with applications training and decide later that you need it, let your product rep or project manager know and they can assist.

Service Coverage

If the system purchase included service coverage, then your project manager will follow up via email and connect you with your dedicated customer service representative (CSR). Though this is a handoff to another member of our team for your continued service, our project managers are still ready to serve and want to know about any service calls in the first few weeks. We want to make sure you are completely satisfied with the installation process.  

First Scan Warranty 

If you purchased the system with a first scan warranty and opted to handle the ongoing equipment service in house or via another avenue, that doesn’t mean our relationship is over. We still want to be involved in your success and can certainly continue serving however we can. Block has a significant parts inventory, and we can provide time and materials service to keep your equipment up and running. We can also provide creative solutions like preventative maintenance contracts or engineer support on a time and materials basis.


Once the installation of your equipment is completed, we send a survey to see how we did. I know, I know… I hate surveys too, but we sincerely want to hear how the project went for you. We’re not perfect, and if no one tells us where we've misstepped, we don’t know what to fix. We hope you can offer honest feedback in this very short survey and help us improve in the future. Good, bad, or ugly.. tell it like it is!

The Takeaway

Once the work of getting your new imaging equipment family member in the building is done, your provider should be a helpful resource for the start of its lifetime of service to your patients. Stay in touch along the way to ease the transition and maintain the care the helps create longevity for your system

If you're reading this and did not purchase your equipment from Block Imaging, that’s ok! We are still available to chat about any parts and service needs you may currently have, as well as any future equipment needs.

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