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Maximizing Your Imaging Capital Budget in Q4

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The COVID-19 pandemic has derailed a lot of plans for many people in 2020, and those of us in the imaging field are no exception. Between facility shutdowns and limited ability to work with onsite contractors and engineers, many facilities may still have some room in their capital budget- a budget that they're hoping to protect for next year.


So, what can be done to protect that budget for 2021 and beyond? Can you still work toward a larger project with the resources you have this year? SPOILER ALERT: You can! Keep reading to see what you can do with your remaining capital budget late in the year that will not only preserve it, but also move you closer to your long-term imaging goals.

Save Your Capital Budget with a Late-Year Imaging Project


It's still possible to buy and receive a C-arm, a surgical table, or an ultrasound unit before the end of the year but, with November already upon us, you'll be hard-pressed to purchase larger systems like CT, MRI, cath labs, or PET and get them installed before December 31 (bye-bye, Section 179). So, instead of kissing that chunk of capital budget goodbye, consider splitting up the cost of equipment and the cost of logistics like construction, transportation, and installation.


If you're working with a provider that has the warehouse space to spare, you can buy your equipment now and they can store or reserve it until your budget resets and the money for logistics becomes available. An arrangement like this preserves this year's budget and creates opportunity for 2021 by freeing up part of that budget as well.


If making an arrangement like this sounds interesting to you, it is vitally important to choose a provider with a strong, dedicated project management team to make sure there's someone keeping the ball rolling for your project over an extended period of time. A few of the tasks a PM will coordinate for you include:

  • Timeline
  • Site drawings for construction
  • Installation by trained field engineers
  • Apps training for your team of techs

For even more details on what a dedicated project management team can do for you, check out the capabilities and procedures of the Block Project Management Team as an example here


The Takeaway

A capital equipment project involves many more costs than just the equipment itself. Your facility can take on some of those costs now to preserve that "use-it-or-lose-it" money and carry over the rest when the budget resets. A provider with dedicated project managers can help it happen smoothly as the project's moving parts roll out over several months.

If you want more information about splitting costs, purchasing equipment, or getting assistance at all stages of your project from  our project management team, send over your questions with the button below or write me a note directly at kevin.scharer@blockimaging.com

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