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Matt Barnum
Customer Relations Manager



As the Customer Relations Manager, my goal is to provide our customers with a high level of service in a personable way. It is especially important that we develop a positive and meaningful relationship with our customers. I’m here to make sure that interaction happens!

My Background:

After earning my bachelors degree in healthcare administration from Ferris State University, I spent a few years working in outpatient radiology. I’m intrigued by healthcare technologies, specifically diagnostic imaging equipment. It’s fascinating that simple elements of the earth can be turned into such sophisticated machines that save lives. In the service industry, we play a large part in keeping these machines functioning properly and at the utmost quality level.

What I Enjoy in My Spare Time:

Having grown up in northern Michigan, I absolutely love being outdoors. Some of my favorite activities in the summer include golf, camping, kayaking, disc golf, hanging out at the beach, grilling out, and countless leisure sports like “bag toss”. I make the best of the winter months by snowboarding, walking through the parks, snowmobiling, and bowling.

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Barnum, Matt

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