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Mammotome Revolve Breast Biopsy Product Review

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We recently installed one of our refurbished prone biopsy tables in a hospital in downtown Chicago. Along with this table, we recommended the Mammotome Revolve biopsy device to our customer. Among the biopsy devices our engineers have worked with over the years, it was agreed that the Revolve offered the most capabilities.

The Mammotome Revolve is the most recent device in the Mammotome line. The unit features a laundry list of updates, so we'll just cover those that will make the biggest difference in your biopsy table use.

Mammotome Revolve Top Features

1. DualVac- With this feature, the specimen is held and suctioned into the needle for thorough excision before being vacuumed into the Specimen Management System. According to Mammotome, this allows for "larger, contiguous samples".

2. Specimen Management System- As biopsy samples are taken, they are suctioned and organized (in Mammotome_4order) into individual cartridges within the holder.

3. Buttons located on the Holster- On many biopsy devices, control buttons are located on the suction device only. For added convenience, the Revolve also has a set of controls on the holster.

4. User-Controlled Variable Aperture- This feature allows users to customize parameters as they go. This is helpful when lesions are harder to access.

Our engineer, who has been working with prone biopsy tables for 15 years has watched the advancement of these devices and feels that the Mammotome Revolve is the best the market has to offer. It provides the best of both worlds: ease of use for technicians and high precision to help physicians get the samples they need. Used with a well-maintained biopsy table, the Mammotome Revolve is a powerful tool in the fight for early detection of breast cancer. mammotome_3

If you'd like more information on biopsy systems or other breast cancer detection equipment, we're happy to help. Read more in our back log of blogs or our downloadable eguides or contact us to talk to a member of our team.

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