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Low mA Error on Your OEC 9800 or 9900? It Could Be These Parts

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oec-c-arm-parts-low-maSo, you're seeing the ambiguous "low mA" error on your OEC C-arm? This particular error is tricky because there are so many things that can cause it. The good news is, there are lots of field service engineers who are familiar with OEC systems, and there are plenty of replacement parts available too.

While we don't recommend you try to resolve this error yourself, we want to help you know what kind of costs you can expect when the time comes to replace parts, and direct you to where you can find help to clear the low mA error from your C-arm and get the parts you need.

Possible Causes of Low mA Errors and Where to Find Them

Generator Batteries

These batteries are a common cause of low mA. Your service engineer can check to see if they're working properly with a process called a "film test". If they are found to be faulty, replacing them will often clear the error.

GIB Board

The generator interface board (aka GIB PCB) can also be the root of the problem. Your engineer can attempt an adjustment of this board and possibly clear the error. If the adjustment is not successful, it may be necessary to replace the board.

  • GIB PCB 00-884526: $2,500 on exchange

Filament Driver Board

Your engineer can also attempt to re-calibrate your C-arm filaments. If the calibration doesn't clear the error, it might be necessary to replace the filament driver board.

  • Filament Driver Board 00-879722: $800 on exchange

Re-Grease the "Candlesticks"

Sometimes a low mA error can be caused at the ends of the HV cables that insert into the X-ray tube, aka the "candlesticks". Sometimes, pulling these ends out, re-lubricating them, and re-seating them in their ports can solve the problem. If this fix clears the error, it may not be necessary to replace any parts.

X-Ray Tube

After some testing, your engineer may find that it's necessary to replace your X-ray tube to clear the low mA error. This is the most expensive resolution, but fortunately used tubes are readily available and can often be purchased on exchange for a significant savings.

  • Rad 99 X-Ray Tube: 00-901318: $5,000 - $8,000 on exchange

*A Note on Replacement Parts

Some of the parts mentioned here have multiple versions in circulation and are not 100% cross-compatible. These are usually indicated by two extra digits (-XX) after the main part number. Because of this, it's important to give your parts provider the exact number of the individual part you're replacing.

Where to Find Help

A recurring low mA error is usually not one you can clear yourself, but you can go into the process of having it repaired with an idea of which parts you may need to replace and how much they're likely to cost you.

If you have a low mA error and need engineering assistance now, you can call us for non-contract service at 517-999-7066. If you're looking for any of the parts mentioned above, you can contact our Parts Team directly at 877-621-2887.

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