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Lending a Hand in Oklahoma's Tornado Recovery

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Oklahoma Disaster Relief

We’re all familiar with the desire to do something when we hear of devastating events like those in Moore, OK this week but, for many of us, no actual steps will be taken. Why? Often, it's not the lack of desire that prevents us from doing something. It's a lack knowing WHAT to do.

This week I received an email request from our colleagues at Drand Medical to help in a project that will be a real and much-needed help to the people of Moore. Drand Medical was gathering donations from the medical equipment industry to purchase pallets of clean, bottled drinking water. They had over 40 pallets by the time they reached out to us and were hoping to send even more. On top of that, they rallied their partners at Armstrong Relocation to transport the water (two semi-trailers full) free of charge. The combined talents and resources of these companies and all those who donated make it clear that community can do more than any one of us. 

Ideas like these provide the opportunity to make a difference. If you’re not sure how you can help, turn to your community, your industry, or your local non-profits and hitch your talents to an idea that’s already in motion. 

People matter. Our thanks and support go out to Drand Medical and Armstrong Relocation for acting this out in Moore, Oklahoma.