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Krista Kotrla 
SVP - Marketing

Be a warrior of enthusiasm. Believe in making a difference. Be uncommon... because transforming organizational culture starts with you. 

Hi, I’m Krista Kotrla, the Senior Vice President of Marketing for Block Imaging.

Since 2003, it has been my distinct privilege to work with a wonderful team of people passionate about helping hospitals, radiology professionals, imaging centers, orthopedic surgeons, pain doctors, and clinics around the world extend the life of their imaging equipment.

Improving the ways we serve and communicate with one another is a personal mission because better connection -- authentic connection -- can mean a second chance at life. Every interaction matters.

I love digital business strategy, humanizing brands, democratizing brands, and inspiring organizational culture transformation so that we can all grow. 

I wear a lot of plaid shirts.

If you'd like to connect, share inspiration, ask me a question, talk inbound culture, or recommend a book, please don't hesitate to reach out. 


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