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Kendall Kalat
Project Support Specialist


Hi, my name is Kendall and I work as Project Support here at Block Imaging. While most people love to be in the spotlight, I have a huge passion for behind-the-scene support roles. My role impacts customers because I get to lift the arms of the Project Management Team. Being able to do the small administrative tasks that add up to a lot of time/work, allows them to be more attentive to their customers and their projects. I am super excited to be working for a company that cares all about people. A quote that has always struck me and encourages me is, “Do for one what you wish you could do for all.” I am passionate about going the extra mile and helping, especially if it’s only for one person! Jesus did it for me, so I am motivated to do it for others.  


I got married to my best friend, I know everyone says that – but I mean it!!! We dated for two and half years before we decided to get married on May 11th, 2018, and we had the best wedding ever (again, I know everyone says that – but I mean it!!!) We had caricatures, laser tag, and danced to “Despacito” for our first dance. We went to Bali, Indonesia for our honeymoon, which jumpstarted our love for travel and learning about different cultures. On April 30th, 2019 we introduced Ivy Gold Kalat to our family (busy year!) and she has been such a joyful addition to the family. We love to go on random adventures together, whether it’s driving to Niagara Falls, Canada and back in one day, or planning a 90-mile bike trip to Holland, Michigan from Lansing, Michigan (About 90 miles). We strive to continuously push each other out of our comfort zones and to want what we don’t want.


During my off time, I love to work out and read- sometimes at the same time. I also spend a lot of my time volunteering with my church. I am passionate about loving the local church and the impact that it can have on a community. I have seen so many lives transformed just because a group of people decided to come together and create an environment that lives, eats, breaths, sleeps a “You Belong Here” motto and a love for the “One”.

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