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Jordan Brace


Hey Y’all!  I am Jordan Brace and, as part of the Reception Team, I am normally one of the first connections you will make here at Block Imaging. My goal is to make everyone Block Imaging serves feel welcomed into our extended family of partners across the healthcare field- whether through a call, in an email thread, or in person here at our headquarters in Michigan.

A little about me:

I am a Texan by birth, but the Mitten (Michigan) is slowly starting to find a spot in my heart. I find myself these days saying silly words like “pop” and “you guys”, instead of the Texas traditional,  “Y’all” and “Coke”. I moved to Michigan to attend Law School and can honestly say I loved every second of it! (I know I know…nerd alert). I met my wonderful husband, Justin at church in Michigan, and we have decided to call this home!

Fun Facts:

  • I can use a jigsaw just like a pair of scissors
  • If I could live anywhere on the planet I would live right next to Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park
  • I am a vegetarian, while my husband is an avid hunter!

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