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Jordan Batterbee 
Content Manager


Hello, I'm Jordan Batterbee, Content Manger for Block Imaging. Having previously worked in both the Engineering and Service departments of Block Imaging I've had the opportunity to build my own imaging industry knowledge base as well as relationships with a variety of equipment experts. Now, with the Block Marketing team, it's my job to transmit that knowledge clearly, usefully, and (if at all possible) with just enough wit to make the reading fun for our customers and partners in the industry.

My greatest hope for the work I do is that anyone who reads a Block Imaging blog or eBook will walk away better informed and smiling.


My Interests

Writing, reading (esp. Ray Bradbury), cooking/eating food (esp. smoked gouda), writing/playing/listening to music (esp. Tom Waits), watching/geeking on movies (esp. Lethal Weapon 2 and Star Wars), my dogs Mae (3) and Frog (RIP), growing beards.


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