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Jarrell IG vs. Westville IG for GE CT Scanners

Posted by Garth Immelman

May 5, 2017 10:30:00 AM

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GE CT Image GeneratorThe image generator (IG) module on your GE CT scanner is a vital part of the image reconstruction chain that comes in two varieties: the Jarrell and the Westville. As your IG works, helping to render CT images, it generates a substantial amount of heat. The result- eventually you'll need to replace it. 

When the time comes for replacement, there are some details that will be helpful for you to know, namely, the cost to replace your IG, signs it may be on its way out, and whether you need a Jarrell or a Westville variety. We'll break down each of these details below so you can be prepared when your IG's time eventually comes.

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The Cost

Westville IG for GE CT: P/N 2362872

OEM list- $ 15,182.32

Used: $6,500 - $8,500 (depending on age)

Jarrell IG for GE CT: P/N 5147443-2

OEM list: $ 56,989.72

Used: $15,500 - $22,500 (depending on age)

Signs of Failure

In general, failures stem from an IG's reconstruction accelerator card (RAC) or the computing unit itself. The two fail in similar ways, and service procedures (diagnose, replace IG FRU) will be very close to the same thing. Symptoms may include:

  • No image reconstruction
  • Blocky (pixelated), or partial images 
  • Console boots to applications screen, then shuts down because the reconstruction system isn’t responding.

Which replacement version do I need?

Westville and Jarrell IG modules are interchangeable. Functionally, at the IG module level, they work the same way. Your CT system won’t notice a difference between them.

It should be noted, however, that image generators are not interchangeable between GOC3 and 4 (4-16 slice) family and the GOC5+ (VCT and Pro32) family due to differences in their reconstruction accelerator cards (RAC). The same Jarrell/Westville chipset relationship to newer/older models applies to the volume image generator. Confusion can be avoided by identifying your console type when you contact your parts supplier for a new IG module.

The Takeaway

Whether your existing IG is a Jarrell or a Westville, the symptoms above are all signs that it may be on its way to failure. Fortunately, thanks to interchangeability and third-party availability, replacing it doesn't have to be difficult- or pricey.

If you need an IG module for a GE CT scanner, or any other CT parts, you can use the button below to tell us what you need, get a quote, and get it shipped the same day.


Written by Garth Immelman

author of blog post

Garth Immelman is a Parts Customer Service Representative at Block Imaging. He views every day as an opportunity to grow in his role, supplying the industry with and educating it about the parts that keep their equipment going. At home, Garth is a husband, dog dad, and football (in the European sense) fanatic.

Topics: Imaging Equipment Parts, CT Scanner

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