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Imaging Service Success: Managing 31 Systems with One Online Tool

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For the last 8 years, Mobile One Medical Equipment has partnered with Block Imaging Service to provide service coverage for all C-arm systems in their network, beginning with 19 and growing to 31 over the course of the relationship so far. During those years, Block Imaging's Service Window tool emerged and the experience evolved. 

We spoke with Michael Platz, V.P. of Technical Services at Mobile One in 2015, to learn about how Service Window was empowering them to achieve even greater success. Earlier this year, we followed-up with him to see how using the tool for nearly four years has increased their efficiency.

From recent Service Window convert, to long-time user, here's the story of one company's success in managing the daunting task of tracking 30+ C-arms across 15 states. 

The Matrix

When Mobile One first began its partnership with Block Imaging, the Block Service team worked with them using Mobile One's existing tracking approach. Platz described it in 2015 saying, "We had an internal matrix of systems that Mobile One Medical was servicing and we transformed that into a matrix that was beneficial to Block as well." 

From the outset, the matrix was effective in keeping basic records like system locations, serial numbers, and contact info for site reps. Platz commented on the communication style of the approach saying, "We would communicate via email or phone as to any changes that would occur, service issues, paperwork, etc.It was a helpful tool at the time."  

But as the volume of data grew to include preventative maintenance schedules, field service reports, invoices, and other documents, the record-keeping needs quickly outgrew what the matrix could easily contain. When a member of the Mobile One team needed access to information they had two options: search through their email back log, or call their Block Service rep to have a new copy of the document they needed sent to them. While neither of these options was particularly complicated, neither of them provided peak speed and efficiency. Fortunately, a better way was under development: Service Window.

The Switch to Service Window

Service Window is an online tool that offers maximum visibility into your service account(s) from any PC or mobile device with internet access. Platz describes the service experience as having been "taken a step further in helping [the] information flow be more available". 

A user can log into Service Window from any internet-enabled device for access to digital copies of their service records, terms and conditions, and other documentation. They can also track the progress of an active service call with live access to their service rep's case notes thread. Service Window also runs real-time calculations of a system's uptime percentage and the average market value of the labor and parts used on it so that the savings and value of each service agreement can be simply demonstrated. All of this is stored in one place, accessible whenever and wherever it's needed.

According to Platz, once again in our 2015 interview, "Everything is documented as far as service issues, PM completions and paperwork. From our accounting point of view, it allows us to see contract dates, renewals, and expirations. Overall, I feel Service Window has been a success in providing up-to-the-minute information... readily available to us without having to call. I highly recommend this service to other companies as a planning tool.”

Long-Time Service Window Users

In March 2019, the team at Mobile One Medical has been using Service Window for nearly four years. We reached out to Michael Platz to get a first-hand account of how using the platform has helped. He said, “Service Window has helped Mobile One Medical establish a routine over the years. It has been of great benefit to access necessary paperwork... on-demand, providing us peace of mind whenever paperwork or information is needed. Service Window is a one-stop-shop for all your equipment’s history and information. It makes managing multiple systems a possibility."

The Moral of the Story

Whether you manage multiple imaging systems in multiple facilities like the team at Mobile One, or a single system in a local imaging center, you know that the task of record keeping can be time-consuming and, at times, less than efficient. Service Window is designed to save you that time and that frustration. If you're interested in learning more about how it's done, use the button below to request a free Service Window demonstration.


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